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About Injectables

Frown lines, crow’s feet, lax skin, and other common signs of aging are highly treatable with the help of our team at Vitality Medical in Decatur, Texas. Our experienced aesthetics team provides an array of cosmetic injectables for men and women. To learn more, schedule an evaluation by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.

Injectables Q&A

What are injectables?

Cosmetic injectables at Vitality Medical contain substances that reduce common signs of aging. Dermal fillers typically consist of hyaluronic acid and add volume to lax tissues, while neurotoxin injectables (Daxxify®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau®) relax muscles linked to smile, frown, or laugh lines. Our skilled providers tailor injectable treatments to match your needs.

What are the advantages of injectables?

The benefits of choosing injectables at Vitality Medical may include one or more of the following:

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles
  • Improved face or body contours
  • Less laxity
  • Plumper lips
  • Enhanced facial symmetry
  • Smoother, tighter skin
  • Self-confidence
  • Younger-looking appearance

Neurotoxin injections can also reduce excessive sweating, migraines, eye twitching, lazy eye, and other medical concerns. 

There is no pain, incisions, or downtime associated with cosmetic injectables. Yet, they can take years off your appearance by creating flawless contours.

Which injectables are best for me?

Your Vitality Medical provider examines your skin, discusses your medical history and goals, and creates a treatment plan that provides outstanding results. They may suggest more than one type of injection to achieve your aesthetic goals. 

We also offer microneedling, laser treatments, intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, supplements, medically supervised weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and other wellness options. As well as skin care lines to help revitalize your skin health

You might be a candidate for more than one type of aesthetic treatment, depending on your needs. 

What should I expect when receiving injectables?

Your provider cleans the treatment area before injecting a dermal filler or neurotoxin just beneath your skin. Each injection lasts just a few seconds, although it’s common to receive multiple injections during the same treatment session.

What happens after cosmetic injections?

There is no downtime needed after aesthetic injectables, so you can head back to work or resume other typical daily activities immediately. Avoid touching the treated areas. Common side effects include swelling and redness at the injection sites. You might need repeat treatments every few months for neurotoxin injectables and every 6-24 months for dermal fillers. 

Our team will let you know when to schedule your next treatment. Call the office at any time with questions or if you are interested in additional aesthetic or wellness treatments. 

Schedule an injectables consultation at Vitality Medical by phone or request one online today.